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About Euro-Cars Rating

The disadvantage of internet advertising is reduced possibility of direct, physical contact with the vehicle and test it. No matter how good advertisement is, it doesn't guarantee that the condition of the car is exactly as a potential buyer wants and he wish. Neither direct telephone or electronic communication with the seller can't guarantee this. Our mission is to provide credible and expert opinion on the vehicle on sale. We also help vendors; not every seller is car expert and therefore may not be sufficiently professional and realistic on assessment of his vehicle. This can affects on the selling price.

In this way, for both parties we save disappointments and also costs.

On our portal each vehicle vendor has the opportunity to choice vehicle ranking before sale. Vehicle can be ranked-assessed in range from 1 to 5. Vehicle ranking is carried out according to the same criteria and procedures as inspections of vehicles. The difference between the two procedures is only in fact, that ranking is done on the request of the seller, inspection on the the request of the customer. For the customer this means, that for some vehicle we can already have a ready- made assessment, done in a given period, which means that in most cases there is no need to make a claim for additional inspection of vehicle. For the prospective buyer vehicle rating-assessment is available on request.

Vehicle rating is in documented form attached to each already estimated vehicle and in possession of vehicle seller; it is also available in our archives.

Warning - it may happen that after a vehicle inspection has passed extended period of time and the owner of the car already is not so good faith contained his car. Damage no longer repaired, service intervals be skipped, expendable materials have not changed, etc. So maybe that the condition of the car is very deteriorated since inspection. To avoid this, we recommend despite already available estimate inspect the car again. Then buying a car would be safer.

Vehicle rating is only available for vehicles, owned by private sellers.

To review and assess vehicle outside the country shall inform us.