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About Euro-Cars

Introduction - You are on the portal, representing cars for buyers outside the EU. Our goal - to offer interested persons living in countries outside the EU, view the available cars, mainly in the Slovenian market, and assist in establishing contact between the seller and the buyer.

Our role - First, we guarantee fair view of the information in the ads. Second, the main task - to care about the reliability and quality of purchase. For most people, the purchase of your own car is associated with high costs and often associated to the higher risk, especially if the purchase is carried out on announcement. In this case, the main problem - lack of knowledge of the actual condition of the vehicle, which is sold. Even direct telephone or e-communication with the owner can not always give an accurate description of vehicle status. Our task - to provide the buyer reliable expert advice or evaluation of a vehicle, on which he is interested. We also provide assistance to vehicle owners; not every seller is expert on technical characteristics of the vehicle, so may not always give a professional assessment of his car that in a consequence affects the sales price.

Terms of use for physical persons. The seller can place a free ad on our site in the main menu, which contains a basic description of the car. If ad content does not correspond to our portal purpose, will not be published.

When registering the seller should leave valid address of the e-mail. Valid e-mail address is required to confirm registration on the portal.Publication of personal data, phone number and e-mail address on the portal is left to the seller's choice, but it should necessarily specify the location of the vehicle. If the seller's data in his ad are not published, the potential buyer can gain these informations through us, but only if the seller in the event of a serious demand by the potential purchaser agrees. If the seller does not want to leave his personal information, we can help the parties to agree during the transaction. Translations of emails, documents, sending more pictures and other material on request, will be charged at the request.

Terms of Use for legal persons - registered dealers. Each seller - the dealer may at any time to register on our website, but in his ads he must publish his company logo. All data of legal persons must be available to the public.

Need more information? Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.