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What to know.The seller should be interested in selling of his car abroad - in countries outside the EU. Is why owner of the car shall prepare all the necessary documents for the export of the vehicle (homology, certificate of origin etc.), and to remove the car off the register under the current legislation. Seller or dealer (agent commission sales) by agreement with the buyer when the help of forwarder must also prepare all the required documents for the export of the vehicle. If the package of necessary documents are not complete, and because of this there may be problems for the buyer to import a car, we recommend you refuse of this transaction.

What to know the buyer - You must know the current legislation state to import used cars. From the moment when commission sale completed and the buyer gets a temporary number and temporarily registers the car, all further procedures are performed according to the legislation of your country.

Where can get more information about the export-import procedures. Each country has its own laws and so before importing it is necessary to all the good figure out in the appropriate institutions.

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