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Why Slovenian cars

Slovenia is a young country, formed in 1991 after the disintegration of the Yugoslav Federation.The first thing that young citizens of the country are wished after independence, was a cult status that many years they could not afford and to which he was in the hands of westerners residents and what they watched with great envy and lust - car. Modern, fresh, advanced technology, beautiful shape, with all possible comfort and facilities - something quite different from what had hitherto been forced to drive and were unable to buy. After independence, the Slovenian car market has experienced tremendous growth. Old cars of its own production and the Yugoslav brotherly nations of Eastern European bloc went into retirement. Today car park is comparable or even better than in the EU because he has been completely re-formed. Open European borders and freedom of choice have attracted almost all car manufacturers and, therefore, today in Slovenia can find cars of all possible brands.

Car for Slovenes still has a special status. It is a rate of success, a family member, and thus it is maintained in good condition and they care about him. This is not just a means of transportation from point A to point B, but much more. Because of this affection to the his vehicles most of Slovenian cars are in very good condition, always visit the official service centers, installed and spare parts of high quality. Is why maintenance service confides to professionals, because the modern automotive technology requires professionalism and appropriate equipment. It must be added that the Slovenes for their money require a quality services and evaluate them very critical.

With the accession to the European Union the legislation has changed, which requires a more safe and environmentally preferred cars. Slovenia - a transit state, passes through it a large number of transportation: from the tourist influx to the Adriatic coast as far the transport of goods and people between the eastern and western Europe, which requires good roads.

Should also note very strict rules on the technical suitability of vehicles, strict speed limits and very heavy fines for offenders. Slovenia - is the partly the Mediterranean country, which means a favorable climate, and therefore there are all conditions for cars remain in good condition. If you look in general,% good and excellent cars in Slovenia more than in the rest of the European West. Statistics say that every family has an average of 1.3 of the vehicle, the car really is another member of the family, which carefully looked after.

Unfortunately, Slovenia is also not immune to the crisis and, is why more and more families decide that index 1.3 can be reduced to 1.0. This means that the market for used cars more and more good cars at the right price. In most cases cars sold not in order to make money, but in order to cut costs. For example, large vehicles have become a much more taxed, which is why these cars in the market becoming more and at an affordable price.

On average in Slovenia the greatest affection and confidence enjoyed by the German car brands and their satellite brands, but this trend is decreasing, because rationality begins to prevail over the desires. On the other hand Slovenian buyer are spoiled by the buyer and when he no longer can afford a car premium class, he will still be wish to the car, though, and the more lower price class, but with the maximum comfort and equipped with modern automotive technology.

It is worth mentioning one more interesting detail in the Slovenian automotive environment. The average citizen is ready to invest more in the car with a diesel engine and incur financial obligations to maintain the vehicle with a diesel engine, which, in truth, much more than the for car with the engine on gasoline. Consumption indicators of diesel fuel / 100 km more soothing. Counting, when generally buy diesel profitable, does not seem so important.

So Slovenian car market is very interesting and diverse.