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Our help

Help buyers - we are helping to conduct a more detailed inspection of the car (on request), we are acting as an intermediary in the communication between the stakeholders in the comission sale and in the export procedures. On request buyer we can deliver the vehicle which he bought to the border of his country, but only with written permission.

We are acting as interpreters in the process of buying and selling. Commissioned by the owner of the car we will hold an additional inspection and give an estimate on our website. Additional and more detailed inspection also performed on buyer request. After inspection we will provide more pictures and information about the real vehicle status. Also according to the customer in cooperation with reliable partners we can repair or replace some of the details in the work which have been found fault in the detailed inspection of the car. If there is doubt about the condition of the car, we warn potential buyers who are contacted us, that the data in the ad probably untrue. This ad send for review. Exceptions are car which owners warned of shortcomings or defects car, and the buyer agree to this condition (cars for spare parts and broken cars). All other vehicles must have a valid technical inspection and road tax must be paid by the time implementation the procedure comission sale.

For the buyer in our market, we can also look for your desired vehicle and tell him all the information about the found car.


Help sellers - we are assisting with the placement of ads of the vehicle and provide advice for a successful sale on aforementioned markets. Interested owners, after placing announcement on our website, we offer to inspect the car and check on control points. According to results of the examination we are giving estimate - "rating". The taller "rating" of the vehicle determines the greater demand, as well as the justification for price. We advertise free of the vehicles interested of owner-sellers and watch the progress and expansion of the portal outside the EU.


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