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Recommendations for advertising

Although the procedure to submit an ad for your car is very simple, you should take in consideration the following recommendations.

First, of course, you must be logged in.

If you have never been registered, click on "Create an account", select username, password and you must have valid e-mail address. Then you will get a confirmation mail of the registration process, which can be continued when you click on confirmation link in your received e-mail.

If you do not have a valid e-mail address or if you do not want to publish your private‭ ‬e-mail address,‭ ‬we can offer our webmail service.‭ ‬Possible email domains are:

  • ‎@‏euro-cars.eu

or conditional

  • @eurocars.si
  • @euro-cars.net‎

These email addresses you can use in your ad.‭ ‬All you need to do is that through‭ ‬our‭ "‬Online help‭" ‬service contact our operator,‭ ‬who‭ ‬will provide you your username‭ ‬and password.‭ ‬To access webmail click on the‭ "‬Webmail‭" ‬link on bottom right.

After successful registration, you have several options. You can publish new ad, you can review and edit ads for your already published vehicles, you can edit your profile. Our portal is designed to be transparent, friendly and intuitive.

The database does not include all possible models of vehicles and all possible versions of a vehicle type within a specified period. Experience learned us, that so good and rich vehicles collection is still lack. Often happens, that the seller can find himself in doubt about which offered version should choose or the versions of his vehicle is not (more or yet) present.

We stick to the principle that a good picture and a fair description can tell about vehicle more than too many checked vehicle options, which most people do not read them and maybe they are not interested on. Essential characteristics of the vehicle the seller may, if he wish, highlight in dedicated fields for vehicle and equipment description. In the description fields of vehicle should be used generally accepted and understood abbreviations (ABS, ESP, PDC, etc.). When importing vehicles in other countries there are more important data: CO2-Emissions (g/km), Emissions Class (EURO1-6) and also homologation certificate.

Practice shows that when potential buyer call the seller, he is asking for things that are already written in ads. Obviously a lot of information in one place are too many and obviously customers want stronger assurances about the condition of vehicles, rather than get them through ads.

We recommend that the seller in his ad should emphase on the essential characteristics of the vehicle and the relationship between quality and price, which can convince the customer to buy.

If the pictures and descriptions of the vehicle in ads for someone are not yet convincing enough, we invite to use our services.