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Recommendations for your safety

Principle of operation of our site is based on the safeguard and protection of all users and visitors. By using our services - inspection of vehicles and vehicle rating, we guarantee for the identity of the vehicles, their location, ownership and real market value.

But because site is published and available from the online world, we can not prevent publication of deceiving and misleading ads. We can not prevent fraudulent bidding in the form of e-mail correspondence between fraudulent providers on the one side and the victim on the other side. The users of our site can partially avoid this using our free webmail service. This service prevents login, use and send-receive messages from certain areas of the world and countries, origins of the majority of online fraud.

In order to avoid later problems, here are some basic rules for buyers and sellers, which should be remembered:


- do not fall into advertisements in which the content is too beautiful to be true. Attractive, amazing low price for shiny, flawless vehicle? Don't believe in seller's reasons (financial crisis, debt, migration, separation, inheritance, etc). He only wants to extract from victim a certain amount of money, possibly through a money transfer online services, after that all his traces will be erased. Sometimes, to make him more credible, cheater will be ready to falsify the documentation of the vehicle and send it by e-mail.

- do not fall for advertisements in which location of the vehicle is not indicated, where contains an unusual telephone number (payable!) and where is published e-mail address, suspected of concealing the true identity. In such cases, please contact us; we will check the ad owner's response ad and its credibility and advise you how to proceed.

- even if the ad at first glance it looks right, based on vendor response you can suspect, what is behind. The real seller should probably take some time to think about your offer and most likely he will not have pre-prepared answers to all your questions.

- if the advertised vehicle is still interesting for you , but is out of the reach of our services (in another country or continent), then ask seller for vehicle VIN code, vehicle registration number, Carfax report, copy of vehicle certificate of registration, copy of the seller identity document.

And apply the following - never send to anyone money in advance. Money should go exclusively from "hand to hand". According to the principle: seen - touched - tested - purchased.

If you are sure that the "on the other side" is credible and authenticated identity and if you want to transfer the deposit to booking a vehicle, it is your sole decision and a matter of agreement between the parties.


- maybe you can get an email in which you will be informed from someone that is interested in your vehicle and you will be wondering if vehicle is still available. Such messages are usually written in your "broken" language (with use of online translators) and sent from the e-mail address, from which is more than obvious that serve to hide the real identity. Deny and do not reply. Real and interested potential buyer will contact you again. Then request from him more information, ask him to identify.

- immediately discontinue all contacts, when someone offers money transfer through bank deposit or online money transfer and even more money than the price of the vehicle is. This excess payment will (usually) justify with the mistake and he want from you to return surplus back. In such transfers it may take several days to determine that they are uncovered, in bank transfers from abroad even several weeks. If you were deceived so and even worse, if you started to spend such a non-existent money, you are in trouble; you'll have to return money back to bank.

Avoid the online money transfers or bank deposits, which over a couple of days probably prove to be without any financial coverage. Money should go exclusively from "hand to hand", on the direct contact between the involved parties.

- if after publishing of your ad you get an email on our behalf, asking you for some additional personal information and if this e-mail contain links to sites, that has nothing to do with our site, please, do not fall for it, discard it. Carefully re-check the sender's address. We do not need more of your personal information as required at your first registration on our site.

From us you can only get messages to inform and invite you:

- to complete your ad with details of the vehicle and not with your personal information, which will make your ad more visible and better presented,

- if someone is interested in your car and he wants to enter in contact with you, but in your ad is not published any contact; or they are language barriers,

- if someone asked us to inspect your car on his desire and we are asking you for your permission and willingness.

If you notice abuse, fraud, scam attempts and if you find yourself in the situations referred to text above, please, let us know at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.