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Inspection's packages

We are ready to assist you in choosing your car. Of course, buying a used car on the internet is very risky. Photos and descriptions may be inaccurate, embellished and processed. That this doesn't happen and that you can make a secure purchase, we have prepared a number of possible packages:

"Base" package (BP): car inspection through the list of control points and control tasks. The list of control points is available here. You can also add and their wishes those regarding control vehicle. Message with supporting documents and additional photos you will receive after the inspection.

"Supervizor" package (SP): includes all of the above described plus professional assessment in center AMZS (PE LjubljanaPE Celje). Independent professional assessment center AMZS shall determine the technical condition of the vehicle and the additional information that is usually not given in online ads. Assessment includes examination of all automotive parts - chassis, interior, cooling, electrical and brake systems, engine, steering, suspension, transmission, wheels, tires, air conditioning, inspection documents for the car and test ride.

Make inspection Professional mechanics, and we, as members AMZS, have the opportunity to see through the VIN code international database of carsCarfax and get accurate information about the history of the car. Carfax information is available in this package.

"Grand" package (GP): includes all control points and the main inspection and documented inspection vehicle of the licensed service center specific Automotive brand. Inspection procedure longer and, of course, more expensive, but not necessarily conduct it in the country where the vehicle was registered. Licensed service centers in anywhere have the same ability to view and control the information base from which his vehicles, regardless of country. 100% guarantee you will receive such an examination only if the car has a service history, confirming that all service and maintenance took place only in the licensed service center, and only then can give proof vehicle history.

* If the car is not so new and the owner stopped to Use Services Licensed Service Center, turned to private mechanics, it does not mean that the condition of the car doubtful. On the contrary, sometimes the service by private car mechanic gives it an extra plus. In this situation, you can get the from owner of the vehicle documents confirming performed service activities with a car (**). If the private Specialized mechanic agrees to control the car before selling, test it, and if the condition of the car corresponds to the presented documents, such inspection may also deemed as inspection in GP package.

** If a car owner can not provide the documents the customer is informed and agree whether to continue inspection the car. Inspection documents of the vehicle are included in all three packages car inspection. We do not will deciding how many and which documents need to provide for the inspection, it solves a customer.

Inspection of packages can be combined on the agreement. The time and place of the inspection we are agreed with the owner of the vehicle and report it to the customer. If the timing of his is satisfied,we are proceed to the inspection of the car on the selected package.

In any case, the owner / seller of the vehicle must be agreed with the inspection of the vehicle from us at the request of a potential buyer. Every car seller has possibility of choice (yes / no) when is the first time to register on our site, whether it is Agree to inspect the car from us on request. If the seller does not agree, this shall be reported to the customer.

Ratings car - car owner can, when registering on our website, choose variant when we will evaluate (rating of 1-5 stars). Inspection, evaluation of vehicle happens on the above packages, or a combination of packages. For the customer this means, that we already have a ready- made assessment of car, done in certain period, which means that in most cases there is no need to make a claim for additional inspection of vehicle. This assessment of the car are available on request. it may happen that after a vehicle inspection has passed extended period of time and the owner of the car already is not so good faith contained his car. Damage no longer repaired, service intervals be skipped, expendable materials have not changed, etc. So maybe that the condition of the car is very deteriorated since inspection. To avoid this, we recommend despite already available estimate inspect the car again. Then buying a car would be safer.

Vehicle ratings and inspections are available only for vehicles, owned by private sellers.

To review and assess vehicle outside the country shall inform us.

Legal notice:

In any case, we are not responsible for any problems with the car, which may have occurred after the purchase and recertifying of documents. Responsible for the purchase and the final decision is made by a buyer who have time for a personal inspection and testing of the car during process execution of documents. If the buyer after testing the car does not agree with the assessment of the vehicle or see the discrepancy between the assessment received during the inspection and assessment of the actual situation, it must be understood that the car at the time of sale was not under our control and we are not the owners.